Tracking particular slides in scenario based training - is it possible?

I have a scenario based training built in SL2 and I included a menu in the player. The course consists of 10 independent mini-branching scenarios. Using the menu, it's possible for a learner to jump straight to the last scenario and complete the training without having completed the first 9 scenarios. Is it possible to track that learners viewed particular slides (i.e. the 10 scenario slides) and only mark completion only when they have? This SCORM is embedded in moodle LMS.

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Sofia,

Yes, this is possible. See this tutorial which covers how to do this. 

The idea is that you track if the learner has interacted with last slide of each of your mini-scenarios and if not, send them back to the scenario to complete it before they are taken to the final summary screen.

You may need to modify the instructions slightly for your use case.

If you need a hand at all, don't hesitate to reach out.


Sofia Nemtom

Hi Wendy, we tried the restricted menu and it worked great, except noticed that there was a delay on the "NEXT" button functionality - even though progress to next slide was set to user action/click. So even though we clicked on the next button, it wouldn't progress until some time elapsed and only then it wold allow us to go to the next slide. I found a work around it in the below article, and it seems to work fine now.