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Jennifer St. George

Hi Harri,

I've been doing translations for awhile now (25 in the latest mix for one course).  I am so glad that Storyline has the translation Export/Import feature although of late I have an open ticket.  Of the 25 languages I tried importing, about 1/2 did not totally import correctly so I'm hoping the SL team can come up with a fix so I don't have to manually fix   You can see the issue by going to this thread.

If you haven't done translations before, it's really best to create (with your translation team) a list of terms/items you don't want translated which will save you money and confusion down the road.

The company I've been working with is doing a great job building a dictionary of translated terms for me so I don't have to pay over and over to translate the same thing if I've paid once (a huge cost savings).  They also can take my SL output Word document and give it back to me in the correct format to import which is wonderful (no time on my end converting before import).

Did that answer your question?

Harri C

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you very much for your reply. This will be the first time I will be working on a project involving translation, so all hints and tips are greatly appreciated. It's also really helpful to know of any issues that may crop up during the export/import phase so we're ready with a plan b so thank you for the link to your other thread.