Transparent Fire and Smoke gifs, videos, animations

I'm looking to create a real transparent fire and smoke effect for a fire safety course and I've been on the big stock photo/video websites looking for these and they aren't cheap. They are about £50 for a short transparent clip. 

Unfortunately, I have no budget soI'm going to have to delve into my own pocket for this. Does anyone know of where I could get a free (or relatively cheap) solution?

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Richard Watson

Understood. That's where something like Photoshop comes in handy. Try


You can purchase just the credits you need and they look like they have some transparent smoke images there. The videos are there as well but they require a lot more credits.

If you are looking for free sound effects, here is another good site:

A free video smoke one here:

It's out there, it might just takes some time to find it. Good luck.