FREE template : Tribute to Duck Hunt (SL3)

Hi everybody,

Here's my take on the classic Duck Hunt. Except the duck and the background, everything in it, is made with SL tools, animations and triggers.

You have to complete a 'Full Click' on the duck (click and release) to shoot it.

If Anyone knows how to change the state of the duck, a second time, after you shoot it, I sure like to know. I couldn't make the bloodsplatter disappear. It should be changing of state, into nothing(which would be the second change state in a row...) I'm sorry for that. Rated age 12+

There's so much to explain, I wouldn't know where to start. If you're a beginner like me, this might be a nice example of changing states, animation paths and using variables all together. The choice of triggers and their sequence were the things I had most trouble getting right. 

My tips for creating something like this. 

- The Top triggers execute first, the order is important
- First make one button perfect, then copy it (example: Buy button)
- First get one duck right, before doing the others (copy them, then adjust)
- Get the game object mechanics right before adding more stuff. 
- When you've made a complete mess of triggers and variables, just do a clean up and start differently. Keep it simple, get it done, then add more stuff.
- Dont be like me and clean up regularly, group images, NAME ELEMENTS and most important, clean up variables, triggers and animations you've replaced or stopped using.
- Test after every single change!!!!


Download with the link below.

Duck Shot

- Soundtrack made with LMMS
- Background made with Krita

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