My First Big Storyline Project

Hey guys, kinda excited to share the first big eLearning project I've made with storyline (I completed a few small ones before this). In total it comes out to like 350+ slides and layers, thousands of state changes, like 20 different variables, and a bunch of other fun stuff. I'm feeling pretty confident that I can make storyline do whatever I want

The most important thing I learned? States whenever you are doing stuff within a slide, variables if it goes across multiple slides.

Check it out here:

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Graham Fox

Everything in the whole course is storyline, no video files. I'm actually not using any transition in the Introduction, in fact that is all one slide in one scene with about 7 layers. The music plays on the base layer timeline throughout, the sound effects then play in each of the different layers, and one one layer completes it opens the next in the series. The base background is set to all black and the images simple fade in and out.