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Someone please talk to me about creating templates. I understand the buttons that must be clicked in order to do it, however, what has prevented me from creating templates to reuse (versus just copying and pasting from one .story file to another .story file ... bad practice, I know!) is the variables. I have a decent amount of variables in my projects and it seems to want to bring them alllll over, including quiz result variables. I just feel like it's messy because of that! Ideally, I'd like to have 3-4 introduction slides created in template form, 3-4 conclusion slides created in template form, and then just make templates of random interaction slides as I build them and like how they turn out.


Can someone help me better understand how to execute this, specifically with variables and when you only want a few slides out of your whole project versus your whole project?

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Walt Hamilton

Create a new project, import from a completed project the few slides you want, delete the variables you want, and make that your template.

For what it's worth: Unused variables don't hurt SL. They may bother some of our OCD friends, but I'd rather have them there, eager and ready to work for me when I need them, than to have to recreate it every time I need a new one.