Triggers and States question

Hey guys.

I'm uploading a simple .story file and could use an extra set of eyes.

Goal? User must click and view all three layers before navigation appears (custom, not the player navigation).  (i.e., they must let the layer play all the way through).

I've created a variable for each layer that sets a T/F variable to True when the timeline ends on that layer. 

On the base layer, I've created a slide trigger that says:

Change the state of Smiley Face 1 to Normal when the the timeline starts if the variables 1,2 and 3 are true.  I can see the variables are turning true but I can't get the Smile Face 1 (just an object that will allow you to click and go to the next slide) to appear. 

The Smiley Face 1 has two states, Normal (you can see it) and Hide (invisible). It's set initially to Hide.  

Thanks for taking a look at this.

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