Triggers/variables won't work on Result slides

Hi, my problem is this: I want to do a knowledge assessment, with a menu slide where the user selects one topic at a time. I have a variable on the result slide to set the topic to True when timeline starts, and want to use that variable on the menu slide to show the score for each topic as the user progresses through the topics. The score's initial state is Hidden, and the trigger says Change state of score to normal when variable Topic1 changes if variable is equal to true. This won't function. What am I doing wrong? I know I can use only normal state but the slide would look cleaner if the scores show up only after the result slide's timeline starts.

I have also noticed that on the result layers I cannot use a hyperlink to an internet page, or is there something I don't know how to do?

Furthermore, I would like the score to be coloured green/orange/red depending on the score. I can create colored states, but have not found a way to tell when to turn them into the correct color, ie if score is equal to/less than... etc.

Can anyone help/guide me to more information?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Margita

see if the attached update works for you.

I changed the trigger on the menu slide from 'when variable changes' to 'when timeline starts'. Also the text box with the variable reference for the score appeared to be corrupt  ( I had trouble selecting it to check it) so I added a new text box with the results.scorepercent score reference.

Hope this helps