True or False questions - Quizmaker - Looking for a new look


I'm trying to get out of the typical questin/answer look.

For exemple :

This quiz will be done as an introduction to the learning module and done as a group activity. I'll be using blank slides for additional feedback.

Each question are related to insurance liability, therefore I was looking at having different background images.

Or maybe not...

Any ideas ?



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Michael Sellers

I am not sure what your quiz looks like or what the requirements are, but you could use a Hotspot or T/F in these ways to get your results.  In these examples I put the answers as text on my picture, then inserted them into the question.  The Hotspot is the correct answer and T/F is just answer verbiage removed and box resized.  You could play with the colors of hte T/F box to closely match your slide colors.