Turn off bookmarking for assessments

Apr 09, 2020


I'm new to the forums. I've been searching and I see that this topic comes up from time to time. Is there a way to stop bookmarking for the assessment. I can't have our associates exiting the course in the middle of the quiz, and launching it later and be right back in the middle of the quiz.  I'd like a way to have bookmarking stop on the quiz intro screen. This is a 10 question randomized scored quiz. If the associate has started the quiz and exits the course, when they restart I'd like them to only be able to pick up  at the quiz intro page if they made it that far.

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Sarah Hodge

Hi James! Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! You mentioned that when the learner starts the quiz then exits the course midway through, you want the learner to resume at the beginning of the quiz. 

Storyline has 3 resume options, and it sounds like Never Resume is the best choice for you. The Never Resume option forces the course to start at the beginning of the course, even if learners previously completed part of it. They won't see a prompt. 

I hope this will work for what you're looking to do!

James Roberson

Thank you for your reply. This won't work for this course. I need bookmarking throughout the rest of the course, but I need the bookmarking to end on the assessment intro. If the Learner exits mid assessment, then launches the course again, they return to the assessment intro page and start the assessment again. I just developed the course in Lectora this time to allow for this. 

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