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Sep 12, 2013

Hello...my group needs to create a series of tutorials in Storyline on how to use a new software program.  Looking for screen ideas on how to make the tutorials more engaging.  Use "host" characters?  What are options for intergrating "host" voice media along with screen video showing the step-by-step mouse actions?  Anyone know of some sample tutorials we could view?  Much appreciate everyone's help!!

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Bruce Graham


Why aren't your current courses engaging?

Step back.........


In your organisation - what are the implications of NOT understanding the new software programme?

Forget about "training" for a minute....



If you asked your CEO this question, (or your CFO or COO...) what would be their answers:

"Why is it important that people learn about this...?"

Why does the BUSINESS care about these Tutorials?

Why should the LEARNERS care?

Forget about the HOW at the moment - what is the WHY?


Sheila Bulthuis

Lisa, we've used host characters with systems simulation training several times, and people seem to like it.  I usually have the character at the beginning, introducing her/himself, then she talks about why they need to use/learn the system, then maybe an overview of the system (depending on what it is).  I often do these on a whiteboard or chalkboard background, so it's like the character is teaching. 

Then we go into the sims, and each one is introduced by the character. (usually I have separate sims for each function, or topic, or task - again, depends on the system.)  For the sims themselves, I've done it a couple of ways: 

1.  The character talks through the sim - fully narrated, same voice as intros, etc.

2.  Different voice (usually opposite gender) talks through the sims; the host introduces him by saying something like "now Mike will show you... balh blah blah."

3.  Sims not narrated - caption boxes walk the user through the simulation.

I hope those thoughts give you some ideas - good luck!

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