typewriter animation in powerpoint?

Apr 20, 2011

If you guys already discussed about this topic, I am sorry.

Today, I got into an interesting web site (http://pilothandwriting.com/en/) which allows you to type a handwriting.

Then, I became curios about what is an effective way of achieving the same results? Are we supposed to use a pen tool?

Secondly, how can we achieve the text-only typewriter animation effect in Powerpoint?

I know After effect can do it with easy, but how can we do the same thing in Powerpoint?

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Kayla Burtch

Unfortunately Articulate does not support "color typewriter" or "appear by letter/word" animations, which are the animations that would achieve these affects in Powerpoint.

I achieve similar (but not quite identical) results by using "wipe" animation and choosing "from left"

Hope that helps.

(Also, if you have a non-articulate based powerpoint to flash converter, you could save the "appear by letter" animation as a flash video and import it as a flash object. In theory anyway, I have never attempted this)

Jeanette Brooks

Kevin Thorn did a nice tutorial awhile back where he animated the letters one at a time, and he also used sound effects like A@OSPI mentions. It's a little labor-intensive if you've got tons of text to show, but for short bits, it's very do-able and the effect is pretty cool! Take a look:  https://player.vimeo.com/video/204930251

James Brown

Anne, are you referring to the software Visual Typewriter? The link should take you to the virtual typewriter website and there is a link you click on to download the tool.

here is the link to the the Visual Typewriter software from the website.


When you click on the link it will ask you to download the exe. If you do not see the popup, your browser is probably blocking popups. In that case, hold down your CTRL key on your keyboard and click on the link.  Save it to your desktop and then run it. It should then install the program.

Here is a link to the FAQ page as well.


Li Whybrow

You can get an effect in powerpoint 10 where the text animates in a fashion as though it's being typed in the following way:

Select animation effect 'Appear', then in the animation pane, click the drop down on the object you are animating (in this case it will be a text box) and select Effect Option. Select the Effect tab and select By Word on the Animate text drop-down. You can select the time delay between words.

Anne Koproski

I am using PowerPoint 2010 but do not get this option. I tried inserting text box with one word and with three words. I click on Animations and select appear, which gives me access to effect options. The effect options only allows for 1) As One Object, 2) All at Once 3) By paragraph. I tried right clicking on the animation in the Animation Pane and selected effect options there.  I could then click on tab "effect" and select "all at once," " by letter," or "by word" from Animate text drop down.

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