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Feb 27, 2015

Hi everyone, 

I'm interested to know how people feel about the use of animations in Storyline. Where I come from, animations in ppt can be seen as tacky and unnecessary. Interested in your thoughts and how you use animations in your work.

Thanks so much!



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Jackson Hamner

In my opinion I think they can serve a purpose. You can use them to bring attention to elements and to have interesting, modern-looking features in your course. The Wipe animation can simulate text being typed, the fade can smoothly introduce elements to your pages, etc.

There is definitely a point where it becomes tacky, mostly when you start using lots of different animations in the same project. If you have multiple elements on one page being animated in and out with different animations for each object, then it becomes tacky and unnecessary.

So I guess what Im saying is that it can absolutely be tacky, but if you put thought into how you use them them they can be a huge asset to your course.

Bruce Graham

Hi Mel.

Does "...where I come from" refer to a geographical location, or a specific industry/business/sector?

In most of my corporate work I seldom use anything but "fade in" and "fade out" for slide animation.

When I need animations, I will use animation software like PowToon or Videoscribe, but I use it in a way that makes it obviously different from the "slides", so there's a juxtaposition. In those cases, funky animations work, because visually it's in a different setting.

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