Using alt text & focus order

Nov 02, 2021

I'm trying to refine a system for accessibility in my team, but I guess that the Focus Order (née 'Tab Order') functions differently than the last time I used it. I couldn't figure out why I could not highlight text in Preview after sorting the order. I eventually found an article which mentioned that accessing Alt Text & accessing interactive elements in Storyline are controlled separately, though unfortunately I did not have the foresight to bookmark it & now I don't recall exactly what it said.

Does anyone have any suggestions about checking Alt Text in SL preview or 360 Review? i can check buttons & anything with triggers, but I'd like to make sure that AT works the way I'm setting it up. Would I have to convince my work to invest in a trial of JAWS or something? I tried using a Google Add-On & a Windows Narrator, but neither worked well. At this point, all I'm really trying to do is ensure that I can actually highlight the elements with Alt Text, but since they're no longer controlled by the 'Tab' key, I don't know how to test these.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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Bianca Woods

Hi Nate and welcome to the community!

It's great that you're not just building accessible features into your courses, but you're also testing them to make sure they're functioning properly.

I'm wondering if this might be the article you were looking for, as it does mention how keyboard navigation doesn't work the same for screen reader users and keyboard-only users?

Regardless, if you're looking for a way to test the screen reader user experience without having to commit to buying JAWS, there is a free screen reader caller NVDA that's an alternative many people use. And we've got a useful article called 9 Basic Screen Reader Commands to Know When Testing Your E-Learning Courses that can show you the main keyboard commands you'll want to use with it while testing.