Using Post-it™ Notes to merge airlines

Great article today from NYT about the roll of Post-it™ Notes in the Delta-Northwest merger. Not only is the note wall impressive, the callouts added by the Times add some great context to the overall process.

I'm a big fan of using notecards to map out ideas. I have a good portion of my office wall plastered with outlines and Screenr ideas. I like having those notecards visible during the day really helps me keep ideas close and in focus.

Sumeet shared some ideas and photos showing how his team used notes in project management.  And here's a post from Tom around using notes in instructional design

As someone who's always feeling he could improve workflow and organization, I like seeing how others use such organic and low-tech solutions to navigate the unknown.

Do you think most people use note cards or is this something reserved for larger projects or special teams? Just curious since I don't hear about it as much as I do Google Docs, Evernote, and other tech-based solutions.

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