Using Storyline for employee communications

I manage internal communications at a real estate firm with more than 14,000 employees. Our learning and development team recently started using Storyline to create interactive courses and there is interest from leaders in the organization to use Storyline as an internal communications channel. I reached out to the Articulate sales force looking for any white papers on the topic but was told none exist since the product is intended for e-learning purposes.

Since Storyline is focused on e-learning, I was wondering if there are any users who have used for communicating with employees. Have any users used Storyline to help communicate business initiatives or used Storyline to help with change management. I do not have any background in instructional design or e-learning, so I'm also curious to know about the skillset needed to create content using Storyline.

Thanks! I look forward to the disussion. 

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Jerson  Campos

Are you asking about creating some sort of way to inform employees about new company policies and news? I would think that creating a company blog would be the fastest method to spread this information. If there are new methods or procedures that need to be shown, then embedding a small storyline course or screenr would be best.

scott kallstrand

Thanks Jerson. Yes, it would be used for communicating policies, business initiatives or even new products. We've done blogs and we send out both a weekly and monthly newsletters. We also use video and podcasts where applicable and have our own internal social networking site. I've been working on more targeted communications as well

Jerson  Campos

Maybe other folks have a different idea/opinion than me, but I don't think Storyline would provide a good avenue for this type of communication. Unless you need to demonstrate and/or assess new software demonstrations, policies, or some sort of training that needs to happen, your current communication methods seem enough.

What kind of targeted communications were you considering?

Martina Mangan

Hi Scott,

I know this discussion is 7 years old now, but was wondering if you ever pursued Storyline as a channel for internal communication. it's something I am very interested in too. in fact, I was thinking Articulate Rise could be a great tool in this regard. Just looking to connect with someone facing the same challenges I am.