Variable Help: How to limit number of selectable choices and display the choices later in course

Jan 08, 2018

Hey everyone!

I could really use some help with an interaction I'm working on. I'm  comfortable working with variables, but can't figure out the best way to approach this activity.

Slide 1 will present the learner with a series of eight or more choices. The learner can only select three choices and those choices will be presented on the following slide.

1) how can I prevent the learner from selecting more than three choices?
2) what's the best way to carry over the selected choices to the new slide?

Do I need a variable for each choice? Or, could I use three text variables and have those populate dynamically?

I really can't figure out how to approach this interaction:-/

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions you can share!!!


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Nicole Legault

Hey Maya!

Thanks for popping into the community with your question. I LOVE challenges like this ... figuring out how to get an interaction to work #variablesnerd

There is not one right or wrong way to do this. In fact, there's probably a whole bunch of ways this can be accomplished. I created a little example file here where you can see I have included 6 choices, and the learner needs to select 3. On the following slide, they are presented with their 3 choices and can then learn more about each one. 

You can view my completed example here

I've also attached the Storyline 360 .story file here to the discussion if you want to take a closer look. 

Here's a high level explanation of what I did:

  • Created slide 1 with a radio checkbox for each choice. 
  • Created a number variable called "Choice_Counter" with a default value of 0 
  • Added a trigger to each choice to "Add a value of 1 to the Choice_Counter variable" when they select it
  • Created a pop layer with a Submit and Reset Choices button on it
  • Added a trigger to automatically display the pop up layer when the "Choice_Counter" number variable is equal to 3. 
  • Created a true/false variable for each choice with a default value of False (I named them Choice1, Choice2, Choice3, etc...)
  • Add a trigger to the Submit button to "adjust the Choice variable to true IF the object is selected" for each of the variables (this is how I will control which choices are displayed on the next time - the 3 choices that are selected will now have a variable with a value of "True" instead of "false") 
  • On the reset button, add some triggers to reset each choice to "normal state" and reset the Choice_Counter variable to 0, in case they want to change their choices. 
  • On slide 2, add all of your choices and for each one create a disabled state. Set the Initial state for your choices to "Disabled"
  • Add triggers to change the state of the object to Normal if the associated choice variable is equal to true. 

That is honestly as simple and straightforward as I could do it.. but that's not to say there's not an even better and simpler way to do it that somebody else in the community might jump in with! The key is using 

- a number variable to count the number of choices being selected and to cap it at 3

- a true/false variable for each choice

Hope this helps :) Taking a look at the attached file may help as well. Let me know if you have any additional questions! 

Phil Mayor

I would do most of the work on the submit or next button this way you do not need to have a trigger to add or subtract.

Have a number variable called counter.

On the submit/next button have these triggers when user clicks

Reset counter to 0

Set Choice 1,2,3 to (blank)

add one to counter if radio1 === selected

Repeat for the number of options

Then have text three variables

Choice1, 2, 3

On submit next button have trigger to set value of 

Choice1 to text value  for radio1 (your value you want to display on next slide) if radio1 is selected and choice1 === (blank)

Repeat for all radio buttons and all choices (1,2,3) you will need to set more conditions for choice 2 also needs if Choice 1and 2 === blank and choice3 if choice 1,2, and 3 blank)

It is a reasonable amount of triggers but builds a pseudo array (should be quicker in javascript).

Then you can just set references on your next slide.

You could set a trigger to show a layer if counter > than 3 or less than 3 and jump to next slide based on a condition that counter is === 3.

This may use more triggers but does use less variable.



Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that's what you want. The Next button on slide 1 is enabled only when exactly three choices are selected. The user can change their selection as often as they want. As Phil mentioned, creating an ordered list of the choices for slide 2 requires quite a few triggers (or Javascript) but it can be done.

layton fogah

The above solutions and examples are great but can the selections/checkboxs be displayed like what is shown on Slide2 (screenshot is above) and if so how do you achieve that?   I understand that we can hide selections and change the colors, etc.  but can we have a slide that just focuses on the choices and nothing else?  Can this be done in Storyline?

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