Various Ribbon Shapes For Use In Your Courses

Mar 05, 2013

I was working on a project in Storyline today and wanted to insert a simple ribbon banner shape. I looked under shapes and couldn't find one pre-made.

I pondered creating one in Adobe Illustrator as a .PNG file (with transparent background) but then I wouldn't be able to quickly change the color of the ribbon in my .story file without going into the other application, making the color change, saving, and then updating the image in Storyline. Too many steps.

So I played around and designed a few different ribbons of my own using shapes in Storyline. Thought I'd share my ribbon shapes here in the forum for others to use in their Storyline courses. The ones with the medallions might work well on a Quiz Results slide (just an idea)

I've included the .story file here with the three ribbon shapes/groups.

I also created a couple of Screenr videos showing how I created the shapes, if you're interested in making your own! and

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