Vector Graphics in PowerPoint’s Stock Images

Jun 14, 2022

eLearning Challenge #376 is Creating eLearning Templates from Vector Graphics. Vector graphics can be made as large or small as you want without losing any quality. It also means that vector images are great to use in eLearning courses.

PowerPoint has mix-and-match vector illustrations and cartoons available to use in the stock images included with the application. I colorized these cartoons by right-clicking on the vector image to convert it to individual shapes, then selected a fill color for each shape.

I saved this PowerPoint as a video, but the slides could be imported into Storyline for an interactive presentation, if desired. (You might need to save the PPTX slides as png images, to preserve their formatting, if you choose to import them into Storyline.) This low-cost technique could be used to create scenarios for eLearning courses.

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