Very cool cartoon done in Power Point

Mar 15, 2012

I was looking for some inspiration for Power Point animations and low and behold I found a very funny cartoon made from Power Point.

To see the thing in action, download and play the presentation. It's pretty good and it's set to play automatically. If you want to see some really good use of Power Point Effect combinations open the animations pane and take a look at what the author did. He's a very clever animator and he did it all with Power Point.

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James Brown

He really incorporated a lot of animations in a way I never had really thought about. I didn't realize you could do the rotation effect and restrict it to 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or full. I also didn't  realize the shrink /grow effect can be to grow or shrink and you get to choose the sizes. Makes me want to sit down and experiment with all the PPTx 2010 animation effects.  Did you also see when the red ball get's mad how the screen appears to shrink. This was done with simple black rectangles. The airplane effect was also really cool. The propellers appear to actually move and he even added the bumpiness of flight.  With Easter around the corner, I had thought about creating a story line about an easter egg that falls out of the Easter Bunny's baskets and eventually winds up in the hands of a child or it may even hatch. The animation gives me a load of ideas of what could happen to the poor little easter egg.

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