Video post: 4 things to keep in mind when your client is unhappy

Jan 21, 2014

It's beyond frustrating when we work months on a project, and, at the end of it all, the client is unhappy with the result. It happens though. In this video post, I explore four ideas that may help elearning developers (mentally) deal with this disturbing situation. Four things to keep in mind when your client is unhappy

btw, I was having a bit of a problem viewing the video in Chrome, so if you have an issue give Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari a go. --Daniel

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Daniel Brigham

Yes, David. I dig the format and stretches the on-screen skills a bit. Oh, and of course, allows me yet again to procure some new audio equipment. Currently on the wish list is a decent shotgun mic. Right now, just using the built-in video cam mic. Also need to get a cheap lighting setup, but just wanted to get this one out.

I forgot to mention that many clients are very creative in trying to tie paint what they don't like as "inconsistent." For example, "Heinrich, you are using two fonts on the slide, that's inconsistent." Of course, more often than not, they are just having a hard time describing what they don't like, but that's also something to be on the lookout for.

I wish more people were honest, and talked about their occasional lapses in greatness. Perhaps a series, something like "My greatest mistakes" or something that implies that making mistakes are partly how you become an expert. If anything else it would be refreshing, like a swig of Fresca back in the 70s, but without that funky aftertaste. --Daniel

Steve Flowers

Hi Daniel - 

Great job on the video. If you're in the market for a shotgun mic, I picked up an SGM-2x a year ago that I'm pretty happy with. If you don't have XLR inputs, this one is reviewed pretty well:

For lights, I saw Tim Slade was using something similar to this:

I have a big softbox setup and some smaller and cheaper LED rigs that run less than $30 setup on cheap tripods. but never use it because it's bulky and the bulbs are gigantic. I've been eyeballing getting a few of these. More expensive but - wow - quality for the price and compact package are fantastic. Take a look at the video review below the fold on the page.

Filming with ring lights is interesting and isn't without downside. You don't wear glasses so you could probably get away with one. These can be setup as regular lights and do a pretty good job.

Daniel Brigham

Thanks, Steve. Yeah, so here I go stumbling into the world of video. I picked up a lighting kit that Tim suggested, so that aspect will be getting better. Thanks for the shotgun mic rec. My camcorder doesn't have XLR so I will checking out the option you pointed out above.

Impressed that you know as much about AV equipment as you do Storyline. Dude...

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