VO Volume Issues

My team keeps having VO issues on some eLearning modules developed in Articulate - the VO is from three different sources (video, female VO and male VO) and the VO has different volume on each slide. Do you have any tips on how to make the volume consistent across the whole module and the whole course when it comes from different source? I find it really annoying when I’m listening to anything online, especially using headphones, and the sound goes up and down... Thank you!

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Russ Sawchuk

I had the same problem for years and tried normalize and every other trick on my audio editor. But I was never happy with the final results.

I finally discovered Auphonic Leveler, used by the broadcast industry to moderate volumes. I now have the same audio volumes with all my courses, across my different course, and with my podcasts. It is relatively inexpensive and really easy to use.

There are other similar programs, but I have used Auphonic for five years and it saves me lots of audio editing time.