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Feb 12, 2018

I currently do a lot of voice narration for courses and videos and would love to hone my skills in that area; especially for voicing multiple characters. I'm looking for a certificate program or a workshop that relates to this area beyond the beginner level, but I've come up empty. I did find a few companies that provide guidance and training for the freelance market, but that doesn't really fit my needs. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Bruce Graham

I'm not sure that "certification" is even available here - what are you certifying exactly?

The best thing I ever did was to spend 2 x 1-hour sessions with the best/most experienced v/o coach that I could find, and then read as many books as I could on the subject. In the end, I just ended doing v/o's in "my" voice, but it's served me well for many years now.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Kenneth:

I got a lot out of James Altburger's The Art of Voice Acting book.  It's quite detailed. If you are in the U.S., he gives classes and such in San Diego I believe. Here's his site: http://voiceacting.com/

In the end though, Bruce's suggestion rings true: pick up some good books on the subject, find a good coach or two in your area, and practice everyday. In the words of AC/DC, "it's a long way to top, if you wanna rock and roll." 

btw, Sir Bruce Graham also helped me when I first got into VO for elearning. He knows his stuff. Probably not a horrible idea to post some samples here, and ask for feedback. Hope that helps. --Daniel

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