Voice Over not on every slide?

Dear all

I have got a more conceptual question than a technical.

What is best practice for the use of voice over? I know the following scenarios so far:

- A. Voice over on every slide (but not for pop-up windows)

- B. No voice over at all

- C. Short voice over on every slide as a instruction (E.g. Please read trough the following....)

- D. Mixture of A and C (sometimes detailed voiceover, sometime only short introduction)

What are your thoughts about the following option:

- Sometimes detailed voiceover, sometime no voice over at all? -> I think this could be confusing for the learner and make him think of a technical problem. What do you think about this?

The reason why I am asking this, I have been asked by a storyboard author and I just want to gather some opinions on this.


In case this has been discussed earlier already I would be thankful if you could share the link to that discussion.



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Kelly Blenus

I often use my title/introduction slide to prep the learners - I am clear in the introduction that not all slides will have audio, but for those that do they should allow it to play until the end prior to clicking on the slide. Some of the courses I've created have software simulations incorporated, so audio on every slide is cumbersome. I also found that if the audio is just instruction, and the instructions are similar for multiple slides it seems very repetitive. 

Michael Shannon

There are a lot of opinions regarding when and how audio should be used. And then there's the research. I would recommend looking into research based answers. Here's a good article that incorporates several. If you haven't picked up the Clark/Mayer book I would highly recommend it. 

While the research doesn't go into prompts (that I've seen anyway), I'll give my dimes' worth of opinion: I think if the learner comes to a page and it is obvious that they have to answer a question by checking a box, selecting a radio button, or typing text into a field, then they don't need audio to help them figure it out. They probably did all of those things intuitively in the pages leading up to opening the course.