Warning! Brick Wall Ahead (Need Fresh Ideas)

May 24, 2021

 I've been asked to create an eLearning for our company vision, mission, and values.  We are an RV company, so I would like to take the learners on a journey.  I intend to use a video to start with an overview of some stats about visions, missions, and values (how no one knows them)to hopefully grab their attention.  

My brain stops right there.  Any suggestions on how to make it "pop" are welcome.

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David Dobson

When I read it I automatically saw an RV going on a road trip stopping at scenic destinations that represent the MVG. With roadside attractions as optional stops to earn badges (I saw the largest ball of twine, rubber band ball, etc. but more company specific) and of course a margarita with the CEO at the end :)

Good luck!

Peggy Hailstone

I also saw the RV on a journey or traveling along a road. If using Storyline you could have the vehicle coming in at the left of the slide and moving along and off to the right (on each slide). That way you would give learners the effect of a continuous journey (and the audio could reiterate this continuity). The RV could interact with vision and mission via roadsigns (just 1 example), or signs to scenic sights that are your org's mission or vision (The Grand Canyon could become a signpost to The Grand Vision; or visit The Grand Canyon to see The Grand Vision). I am definitely seeing illustration/animation here but unsure if that aligns with company culture. Good  luck. I think there is a lot of fun to be had with this project.  

Allison LaMotte

Hi there,

I love the idea of having learners travel around in an RV throughout the course. Since you mention attention-getters, I thought I'd point out this article I wrote recently, which has some ideas and examples for catching your learners' attention, in case that's helpful.

Good luck!  If there's any way for you to share this course with us when you're done (without all the proprietary information obviously), I'd love to see how it turns out :)