We need a contractor

Apr 02, 2014

The Center for Youth Development at the University of Minnesota offers a range of professional development programs including several asynchronous courses.  One of these needs to be rebuilt and we are looking for a contractor to do it in Storyline.  See the attached RFP and contact Eric Vogel at vogel007@umn.edu if interested.

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Curtis Pembrook

Hi Eric,

I'm coming into this conversation and little late, but would love to see the course and respond to the RFP. I just have a few quick questions:

  1. Why/how did the university decide to develop the first course using HTML?
  2. Are the issues with the current course due to original code (HMTL, CSS), Moodle or both?
  3. Is it possible to get access to "native files" (i.e.,Photoshop, Flash, Video) used to make the original course?

Good work on the RFP!

Rob Billiau


I just wanted to say that I have looked at a lot of RFP's and always find ambiguity in them that is annoying and sometimes startling for an organization actually trying to accomplish something.  Yours looks great and actually gives the sense that you guys really REALLY want to make something quality to achieve your goals. 

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