Web Object Slide Background - Merry Christmas

Dec 18, 2017

I upgraded the puzzle slide to a more complex puzzle and added a web object to insert an html page with falling snow. Add a little JavaScript to turn off the frame's scroll bars and resize it and you've got a reactive/animated background. It's a Christmas miracle. 
Good luck with the puzzle and enjoy chasing the snow around. Come back and post the number of moves it took you to complete the puzzle in the comments section.
Santa & Snowman slide puzzle

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Updated file. 

Due to browser updates (interactivity required for media), the music doesn't start until you've clicked either one of the first two valid puzzle pieces. I switched this to the SL 360 modern browser. I've also included the following files in the resources tab:

  1. The MP3 file used.
    I am actually pointing to it's published location in the resources to play it from there using the file path of story_content/external_files/silent-night-piano.mp3
    Using the Resources Tab as an asset briefcase is a great practice and you can always hide the tab with a little JS code if you don't want users to see it, but still want a dedicated place for files whose path will not change.
  2. The index.html file I used for the snow effect. Basically, I've inserted a web object that takes up my whole slide's dimensions and put it at the base of the slide as a background. All the falling snow code sits in that page rather than in SL directly.
  3. My updated .story file if you want to look at all the code.


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