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I have been working on a training where on one of the sceens there is a web object. It is a website where a user has to create an account. The user has to fill the form and hit the button on that website / web object. I'd like to track result of creating that account using variable (true-false).  There are several screens planned to visit after working with this web object. However, what is available for the user depends on that action. I want to make this training as real as possible therefore I do not want to use false form of any kind. All in all, training can be accomplised only after that action (filling the form and creating an account). Only then the right path in the training is revealed. I guess there must be some kind of JS inserted that changes variable but I am all thumbs when it comes to JS:(  To be more precise that's the website that I used as the web object (sorry, it is in Polish)  http://opac.wsb.torun.pl/cgi-bin/wspd_cgi.sh/wo2_frczyt.p?ID1=FHJJLFNLNMKEFEGRKON&ln=pl After filling all compulsory fields you click on 'Wyślij' button at the bottom.  Provided all needed fields are filled  the page returns user ID (that may also be a variable - I have an idea how to use it - if possible to grab data from the screen). Is there somebody who can provide proper JS script for that problem? 

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Luke Heathershaw

Hi Marcin,

You can use JS to set/retrieve variable data using the player.SetVar and player.GetVar methods. If you don't host your content on an LMS then this is probably your best bet.

See the best practices and example sections in this link for more info:


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