Weekly Challenge: Comic Book Design

Nov 15, 2013

This is the first time I've taken the weekly challenge. I've always been a comic book geek. I hope you guys like it.

There is a lot of thought that needs to go into comic book layout, size of each frame, position, should frames overlap or should there be a gutter. If people are interested in seriously exploring comics they should read "Making Comics" and "Understanding Comics" by Scott McCloud.

I thought I would go more towards a manga style layout. It has some odd shaped frames, which allow for some interesting design choices. With these odd shapes I've found sometimes it is better to create the image in PowerPoint and then copy and paste it into Storyline.

 More important important images should be bigger to allow the eye more time to take in the information while less important information, or images that move the sequence, can be smaller. Because of the limitations of the screen size we can't directly copy the layouts of comics. Templates need to be loose enough for developer to allow customization to fit the images and the course requirements.

I've included a Storyline template and a Powerpoint. I've also included an example of how it could be used. I've used some images from my brother's website www.utilitybelt.ca My brother writes and draws his own independant comics. The example doesn't tell a story but it just to give an idea on how some of the slides could be used.

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