What are your best suggestions for displaying large scale drawings/illustrations?

Apr 18, 2021

We have a series of engineering trainings that have about 100 drawings per course. What are your best practices for designing these courses - focus is on displaying the drawings with the associated text that accompanies the illustrations. The drawings must be at a high resolution for display while not pixellaing the text. Thanks.

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Sarah Hodge

Hi David! In case you haven't seen it, I just want to chime in and share these image best practices with you. 

For some of the courses I've created in Storyline 360, I usually like to keep the text separate from the image and use the insert text feature. That gives me more flexibility in resizing, editing, and repositioning. 

I'm interested in what other tips the community has to share. 

Dave Goodman

Thanks Sarah. The problem is that the engineering drawing has the text as part of the drawing. I would need to cut out the image, squint and retype all of the text, insert the text, etc etc. - not a good option for me. I will look at your Rise suggestion and then try different options within the player and maximizing the screen size, then try to place the image as a "resource" with an image per page, etc. I do not have much confidence in these efforts, if i do, I will post the end results.


Sarah Hodge

Hey David! Yeah, separating the text from the image is not ideal. I wouldn't recommend it in that case. If it works with your content, another idea is to use the zoom picture function under the Format tab. This allows you to insert the image, resize it as needed, and then have the learner click on the image to expand it to full screen based on the original size of the picture.