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Arturo Aguilera

Hi Sabrina,

The web browser will give you an error because is looking for LMS API file on the LMS. In some cases you can click "Ok" and it will display the course (Captivate allows this). Sorry for asking, but why would you test SCORM on a PC? You can publish to Web and test the module. If it passes the QA, the publish to the LMS . LMS=Tracking PC=QA

Sabrina Signorello

I was meaning the files I uploaded for the Resource tab.

I was able to view everything and SOME of my Resources launched (mp4s).

I went into the published files and found that the attached resource I had originally uploaded was missing. When I manually added it, the system told me the file name was too long. I opened the project reattached new Resource files with shorter names. I then re-published for SCORM and was able to view the presentation along with ALL items in the Resource tab local on my PC.

Wish Articulate would have told me the file names were too ling before confirming publish. 

BTW when I published for Web, they viewed just fine. I was viewing the SCORM publish on PC for a double check before uploading to LMS. 

To be honest, this is my first time publishing for LMS I have lots to learn.