Where do I begin looking for internships?

Jun 09, 2012

I don't have an idea where to begin! I begin my program this Fall and would like to see if I can begin as an intern somewhere even starting part-time (for now).

Any suggestions on where to look? I live in the Sacramento, CA area.

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Jill McNair

I would start by contacting your program's department chair at your school.  They often have a list of organizations that accept interns. I know that my school gave me a list of companies.  Also, many, if not most of the largest employers in Sacramento will have training departments that may take interns.  And, Sacramento is the state capital - you are going to have LOTS of government offices there with training.departments.  Try looking at their websites for the right person to contact.  If you cannot find a name, write an email to the HR Department offering your internship services.  

Another idea is to try to get an internship with an organization that you would love to work for.  Write them and ask if they accept interns.  What have you got to lose?  The answer is no if you don't ask.  You at least have a chance at a yes if you ask.

Finally, I would find your local ASTD chapter.  They probably have monthly meetings.  Attend those meetings and ask the people you meet if they offer internships at their organization or could suggest anyone you could contact.

Best of luck!


Chris Chagnon

I'd be interesting in a virtual internship as well.  I graduated in May with a Masters of Education in Instructional Design.  I work full-time as an Instructional Technologist for local college.  I don't have opportunities to practice my ID skills or e-learning development there (most doing Project Management of Campus Technology. I figure getting an internship would help me progress to a new career.  I use both Storyline I and Captivate 8.  Thanks.  

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