Which is the best open source platform e-learning?

Sep 05, 2014

Hi everyone,

which is the best open source platform for e-learning? 

Another question: It would be better to use a CMS (like Wordpress or Joomla) or a LMS (like MOODLE)?



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Ralf  Baum

Ciao Alessio,

before it is possible to find a platform you will need to think about the following topic:

Do you want to have a specified feedback? e.g. somebody has completed to course with 18/20 points?

Or do you just want to provide the courses?

If you would like any specified feedback you should choose an LMS. Of course there are CMS with Scorm integration (I think Drupal has this extra module) but the integration of content in an LMS should be easier.

Kate Salvan

Hello Alessio,

WordPress and Joomla are quite good options for creating  eLearning websites, however CMS by itself will not allow you to fully extend your websites' functionality without appropriate plugins/extensions and mainly LMS developed specially for the needs of the chosen CMS.

For example there is LearnDash for WordPress and JoomlaLMS for Joomla (just examples)

the main benefits of choosing Learning Management System developed for CMS include:

  • flexibility (you can add more functions everyday just by going to the extensions directory)
  • customization (the open source code can be change according to your personal preferences)
  • Free and multilingual
  • Constantly updated
  • Security
  • Huge community
  • etc.
Thomas Smith

I have evaluated a lot of LMS's over the years... Docebo, ATutor, Moodle, Claroline, and about 4 other's who's names escape me... I have implemented Wordpress with LearnDash and Grassblade LRS for a special project where I needed to incorporate Experience API (Tin-Can API).  In the end i have found that for most purposes where Experience API is not essential but proper SCORM 1.2 support is,  its best to select a tool for each function - a great CMS like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal that integrates out to  a specialised LMS. I have developed integrations from each of these to Learnupon LMS and am delighted with the results.

Sometimes, especially if dealing with paying customers its best to use the best tools that meet affordability and functionality constraints and I found Open Source CMS with a reasonably priced LMS like Learnupon to be the right mix.

Hope that helps!


Thomas Smith

Mahalakshmi Babu

Hello everyone,

Am creating a learning material using Wordpress CMS and embed storyline files to it. And this CMS will be integrated with Moodle.
Now I know that I can publish storyline files to TIN CAN and send the reports to Moodle. But I also wanted to track the activities on CMS pages. Do you have any idea if I can use TIN CAN to track students’ progress on Wordpress CMS pages and on storyline files and send the report to Moodle. Can someone please help me.

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