Why do non-Articulate staff get less replies?

May 25, 2015

Just wondering why do people who are not working in Articulate get lesser replies or activity on their posts?


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Steve Flowers

Take a look at the most active posts. You'll probably notice a pattern to those that get the most participation. Posts that invite others in with challenge, relevance, or something to offer (free stuff or a helpful solution that helps with a relevant challenge) will probably have a higher response count.

Some of these are generated by Articulate staff. The staff knows what will generate participation because they know what folks value.

If you're looking to increase activity in your threads, here's what I'd recommend:

  • Be helpful. Share. Folks need help. Other folks jump in to help. Folks have cool stuff to share. Other folks appreciate it. That's the formula that drives this community.
  • Contribute to others' posts, questions, and calls for help. Offer and provide help without expectation of reciprocation.
  • Offer something that others will value. Go beyond generalities. If you've got a strategy you use, go into detail. You'll probably find that either 1) others are actually doing something really similar and / or 2) you'll help someone out and increase your standing. Conflating talent and practice while protecting the latter is a sure way to get folks to disengage:) At best, you'll end up protecting a practice¬†that isn't all that unique (execution, agility, and talent are unique -- but the idea... not so much) At worst, you'll miss out on something someone else is willing to share that might improve what you're doing.
  • Share examples of your work and participate in the challenges. There's a distinct difference between talking about how good you are and demonstrating how good you are:) The former is a sure-fire way to dissuade participation. Actions make words unnecessary.

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