Workflow Aha! moment

Jun 15, 2020

Hey Heroes,

Not sure if this is widely known, but we have been experimenting with using a standardized illustration library and leveraging Norde Source to organize it all. 

Usually this is our workflow:
1) find illustration that we want
2) bring the SVG into Affinity Designer and make any color/size changes
3) save file to project folder
4) import to Storyline

Well, an errant alt-tab made me realize something...


Now we can save one artboard per project and not have to worry about image/asset management. 

Thought I would share this revelation (and I'd appreciate if you all act as surprised as me :) )

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Mike Clark

I wish we could just rely on Norde + Storyline, but unfortunately Storyline rasterizes the SVG's. It will work... but you have to adjust the size in Norde first before importing to Storyline, which is a pain. So glad Designer took care of that for us.

If you like Norde, you may also like PureRef - which creates a "image clipboard" on your desktop that you can drop images on and save for later. 

Gilli Sigurdsson

Hey guys, I'm the creator of Norde Source. I'd love to make Norde Source work perfectly for your workflow so I just wanted to make sure I understood your needs correctly. Would optimally want to be able copy illustrations as raster to be able to paste them into Storyline, perhaps at 2x resolution? Or did I misunderstand that? 

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