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Trina Rimmer

Hi William. Thanks for sharing your challenge with us. 

One approach that might be a good fit is to use a compare & contrast activity. You could use Storyline's text entry field and a text entry variable. This would give your learners a chance to practice, for instance, translating some text. They could read and/or listen to a statement and then type their translation into the text field. When they're done, they'd click a button to compare their translation to the correct translation. This would result in a practice exercise versus a scored assessment question, but could give your learners some essential hands-on practice. If you think that approach could work for you, check out this article for a quick run-down & how-to video. 

If a scored assessment is important, you could use the fill-in-the-blank question type which allows them to type their answer, however this will require that their response is an exact match of the correct response.

Hope these ideas gives you some more ideas for your course!