Your Captain Smiley Pics

My daughter just showed me my hard won captain Smiley (original).  Apparently his head just fell off :-)

There must be an endemic problem with Captain Smileys because my Superhero Captain Smiley (not so hard won) also had the same thing happen a couple of years ago, unsurprisingly it was at the hands of the same child, we have still never found his head.

It would be great to see any images of Captain smiley and where they are now.

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Nancy Woinoski

Booth? I've never been to an elearning conference in my life - no lie! I won't tell you how I came across these little guys - it's a trade secret.

Ok, I'll tell you. I spoke at an event a couple of years ago and Jeanette sent me this huge box of Smileys and there were some left over. I think they have been multiplying in my closet ever since.