Link from Feedback list to Review slide

Sep 29, 2017

I'm loving Review 360, and have received very positive comments about it from my SMEs. I'd like to suggest one update that might make this an even easier process for our team. When the team meets to discuss everyone's comments, we generally use the Feedback list to jump directly to the slides with comments. (Otherwise, if there is a comment on slide 30, we have to navigate through 29 slides to get to it.) But the Feedback list only displays a screenshot of the slide. There is no interactivity, animation, audio, etc. It would be great if we could click on the slide in the Feedback list and it would jump to the corresponding slide in the Review view. 

Thanks for a great product.

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Melvin Pluijmaekers

+1 I also think this would be a great feature. Reviewers often want to go to specific slides immediately. From a reviewers perspective: Even though Storyline 360 has a built-in Player Menu it's hard to remember which slides you exactly left comments on, because you can't expect from a busy reviewer (who reviewed the training last week) that they remember each slide by name. Therefore, it would be good if reviewers are granted the opportunity to jump to the slides they left comments on (via the Feedback List), save them the 5-10 minute trip through the training trying to revisit specific slides.