Accessible Text Feature in Rise 360

May 02, 2024

I have seen previous exchanges on this but wondering if anyone can help with this question:

When this feature is enabled (accessible text) and the scroll bar appears, it seems that one cannot control/use that scroll bar via the keyboard. Which seems to be counterintuitive to the feature. Can anyone provide their input, ideas or experience with this? 

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Raymond, 

Happy to look into this for you!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of where you enabled to accessible text feature in Rise 360 and how you tested it so we can try to replicate the behavior? I'd also like to ask the following questions to clarify the behavior:

  • Have you tested the behavior using other browsers?
  • When testing, were you using Rise 360's preview functionality? Does the same issue occur when you publish your course?
  • Which keyboard keys did you use to try to move the scroll bars?

Looking forward to your response!