Adaptivity of Start Page

Hello Dear Community 

I want to ask you some questions about the main page of rise 360. There are some features that bother me and I wanted to ask if you know a way around them.
1. I want to insert a video on the first page to welcome my users. Do you know a way how I can do this? Can't find a solution to achieve my goal there. 

2. Do you know a way to change the font size of these titles (see picture below)? Doesn't make any sense that they are written smaller than the chapters...

Thank you so much for your support!

Best regards


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Karl Muller


A typical LMS will allow you to provide information about a course.

In our LMS each course has an information page and you can add text, links, videos, images, etc. for each course.

So learners can review that information before launching the course.

I don't know what the capabilities of Canvas are though.