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Daya Nair

I am doing something wrong. I want to change the graphic that is there by default, but it does not reflect and the rise default image keeps showing...

Not sure if I am missing any step.

I am going to edit and change media for both markers, want the same image ( I feel like I am doing something silly here...) need help!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Janelle!

Does this lesson contain a Continue button with the "complete blocks directly above" setting? If so, you can change that setting to "none".  That way, learners simply need to click the button to continue, and they won't be required to view all of the markers.

Let me know if that helps you! If not, please share a few screenshots so I can take a closer look. You can attach them to a new reply by clicking here.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Janelle

hard to see from your image but look at this one.  After the labelled graphic block is a CONTINUE block...this block can be set to allow the user to continue without viewing all the markers or set that they must view all the markers...can you see one of these in your course

Janelle Young


No, there is no Continue bar after the labelled graphic image. that's why I'm stuck.  I'm not a Rise wiz but I have been able to changes the ones that make a section mandatory to just the Continue bar and there is nothing after that graphic and I can't find anywhere inside the graphic content on the left to make this section mandatory.  There are several of these within the course and they all behave the same. Users are forced to click on each marker before that section will complete and that labelled graphic is the only thing in the section.


Crystal Horn

Hi, Janelle. Thanks for the replies. I see that your labeled graphic is in an older format. Can you click the "convert to block" option at the top right when you're editing?

If your navigation is set to restricted, you should be able to visit the lesson and continue without clicking every marker after you convert the lesson to a block type. Let me know how you make out!

Sharon Bildstein

Thanks for this post!  I just spent 10 min looking for how to add another marker. As stated above, "Duh, just click on the picture", smh.  I've finally learned to pretty quickly jump into this community forum and look for an answer rather than fishing around in Rise or Storyline.  Def one of the best support communities ever! Thanks to everyone!!