Adding More than One Image in the "Process" in Rise

Jan 03, 2017

I want to know is there a way to add more than one image in the process cycle in "Rise". I can upload one image no problem, however if I need to add another image I run into the trouble of the image replacing another. Any suggestions??

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Bret Jorgensen

Hello Tracy, 

Each step along the 'Process' type content in Rise is limited to a single page and yes, only one image. The intent is to encase each step within the height and width of the browser window.

If you are looking to display two or three images side by side or stacked within one Step, you could possibly merge these images into one using any of the various image editing tools available online or within your Operating System. 

Another option would be to break a step into multiple parts (i.e. Step 2a, 2b, 2c) with each step containing a different image. 

If either of these options do not work you, please share your idea with our support team via a feature request and we'll take a deep dive for you.

Tom Kuhlmann

While this doesn't solve your immediate issue, a possible alternative is to use the Flash card in stack mode. It kind of looks like a process interaction and has two sides which would allow for extra media.

As far as image editing, a real simple solution is to put your content on a PPT slide and then save the slide as an image. 

Bret Jorgensen

Hello Carol, 

There is no current option to remove or edit the "Step 1 of 4" text that displays atop the Process lessons. This area will always reference the total number of steps including those you label as sub-steps (i.e. 2a, 2b).

Another thought would be to use a Timeline which ultimately does the same thing except that there are no navigation buttons and it scrolls from top to bottom. 

Or... a Flash Card lesson.

See my sample Rise course using these two options here.

Hopefully one of these options will work for you or possibly spark yet another learning style that will.