Adding tables to the Accordion multimedia block in Rise 360

Nov 04, 2019


The (relatively) new Quick Insert option in Rise allows one to add tables, number lists and bulleted  lists to Accordion tabs without issue.  However, if I then want to edit the default 2 x 2 table created, Rise won't let me.  Clicking and dragging cells to highlight them duly displays the normal pop-up editing tools, but clicking any of them has absolutely no effect.  Any ideas?

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Graeme Foulds

Hi Alyssa.

Thanks for the reply.  I tried again this morning, and it now worked without issues.

That reminds me that I have seen similar behaviour from Rise before.  Sometimes a function that works perfectly all along just stops co-operating at some point for no particular reason, and I have found that the only way to fix it is to close and re-open Rise again.  Then I can proceed further without issues again.

I think the same thing has happened here.  Having closed Rise overnight and re-opened it again this morning, the tables inside Accordions worked 100% as they should once more.  Should have remembered to try that first!