Articulate Rise, Accordion function bug

Jul 06, 2017

Dear support,

I found a bug in the accordion interactivity. I have added the accordion block to my lesson and I try to add a couple of items to it. As I want to make it an 8 item accordion. But after I entered details of item number 4 and I add item number 5 and I try to place a title at item number 5, that field doesnt fill in my new text. Instead it overwrites the text of the title of item number 4. 

How can this be solved?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Wies.  I see exactly what you're saying -- thanks for the helpful description.

I'm documenting this issue for our team so we can investigate a fix.  I'll be sure to post an update here.

In the meantime, would it be helpful to use 2 Accordion blocks and eliminate the padding between them in the Settings pane?


Here's what the finished product looks like.

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