Articulate Rise and Multiple Quizzes

May 24, 2019

Hi! I wanted to add an enhancement request for Articulate Rise 360. We are using Rise, exporting to SCORM 2004, 4th Edition, and importing the resulting archive into Docebo LMS. We've found that Rise only allows for 1 quiz to be tracked for scoring in the LMS. Due to how Docebo implements SCORM (and maybe SCORM itself), there is no way to add or average the total scores from each quiz for a total score (Docebo offers this feature, but only for quizzes created directly in the course training materials). 

What would be really great, is if Rise could add/average the scores of multiple quizzes and report that single result to the LMS (of course, as optional settings in either the quiz settings or the SCORM export settings).

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karen!

Rise 360 is an e-learning authoring app (part of the Articulate 360 offering) that makes it easy to create online training. However, it does not include reporting.

I would recommend checking out includes all the authoring functionality from Rise 360, plus a place to enroll learners, track their progress, and analyze training effectiveness—all within To see it in action, head over to! You can also email the Rise team at

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