Articulate Rise - Change Link colour

Apr 30, 2019

Hi - is it possible to change text links to a different colour.  Currently it is taking the colour from the theme settings and this colour cannot be changed.  

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Jina Ali


That only changes the color of the Font. The hyperlink line remains whatever color of the theme chosen. For accessibility, I think Rise should allow us to retain the themes (as that gives us designer choices), but set hyperlinks as standard hyperlink blue (#0000FFF); or at least allow us to chose this when adding links. We had a theme that made the links orange. If you contrast-check the orange against a white background, they fail the WCAG AA & AAA. Without this color change feature, we will be limited in the type of themes we can use. 


Mark Hilvert

Actually, Alyssa gave a solution to this in another forum! See below...

"By default, hyperlinks use the color you've chosen as your theme color in the course settings. However, there's an easy way to choose a different color! The trick is to set the color before adding the hyperlink.

First, highlight the text and change the color to your desired color and underline the text. Then, highlight the text again and add the hyperlink.

Now the text will be hyperlinked and underlined in your desired font color!"

Fiona Macelli

It seems to not work in some instances, probably related to the type of block its in. For example, I am unable to change the link color when the text is part of a text and image side-by-side block. 

In other block types this workaround seems to work erratically from within the main flow, and may work better for you if you apply the text color in the Edit panel.

If successful, you should expect for the underline itself to stay the "feature color" and not change with the font. 

I feel this workaround is a poor and time-consuming substitute to being able to make system-wide adjustments to the link color or at least having the default be standard Hyperlink blue. Articulate should still be pursuing this feature request.

Karl Muller

Hi Fiona,

As stated in my post directly above your post, these steps always work for me, regardless of the block type:

First, highlight the text and underline the text, and apply bold if required.

Change the text color to your desired color.

Only then add the hyperlink. 

If you follow these steps, the underline color will also be correct.

Kim Guest

For accessibility purposes, this should be a feature request. If the theme colour is light, it is applied to text links which are on a white background and they don't pass accessibility standards. More settings are required to manage Rise design elements within the theme section. It would also be helpful to be able to share themes across several courses.