Articulate Rise - some viewers not able to load videos

Jan 28, 2021

I work at a college and we have launcehed a Rise  interactive module in Blackboard for the whole college on Academic Integrity.

The first year we launched it had no problems, but this past year some students can't view the some of the videos.  We were wondering if it a cache problem on the students end since Covid and now all studying from home, it builds up.

We have reached out to them to clear their cache and it does work. not 100% sure it is the problem though. I am going to reduce the size of my videos to see if that helps but wanted to know if anyone else has this problem I have reached out to Articulate  technicians but they can't reproduced the problem. I can't reproduce the problem either, and our techs can't either. 

I imported the videos from storyline into rise because of closed captions.

Has anyone ever had this problem?

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