Articulate Rise Themes: Font colour in customized buttons

Aug 02, 2022

Thank you for offering more "theme" options in Articulate Rise. However, we face the problem that our company colour is yellow, which is now our accent colour in our Rise themes. As far as I can see, in each coloured button the font will always be white. In a yellow button, white typo is nearly not readable. Can I change this colour to another on, black for example? Or do you plan to give more options in customizing buttons and colours in the future?

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Gren Foronda
Hi Beth!
Sorry to hear you are running into this issue with the text and accent colors in your Rise course.
Although we don't have an ETA yet, we currently have the Text Contrast Controls feature in our roadmap. This feature may be able to help in your scenario -- light text on course navigation buttons, cover pages, and headers will be used on dark colors and vice versa.
We'll update this thread as soon as we have any new updates on this feature. Have a great day!