Audio not recording in Rise process block

Jan 05, 2022

I am unable to get audio to record in a Rise process block. I am using Chrome and have updated to the latest version. I have tried with and without an external mic. It appears to be recording and  seems to be uploading after clicking "stop recording." The controls for playing audio appear, but nothing happens when I click play.

Any ideas?

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Chelsea Hill

I am having the same issue. I need to use what I am working on to pitch buying Rise 360 for my team. I need assistance ASAP - I can record, but when I go to the Preview to demo the training, the audio fails. The first one starts at 0 and displays NaNa for the end time. The other Process blocks just do not respond to clicking play. 



Gren Foronda

Hi Chelsea! Sorry to hear that your recorded audio isn't working in your Rise 360 course. If the audio isn't working in the Share link of your course, as Karl has suggested, we'd like to investigate this further. Can you submit a case through this form, so our support engineers can work with you directly to resolve the audio recording issue? Thank you!

Steven Benassi

Hi Tom!

Sorry to hear you're having trouble recording audio in Rise 360!

To clarify, is the audio absent when previewing your course, or is the audio failing to record completely? If the issue is observed across all supported browsers, and clearing the cache doesn't improve the behavior, please connect with our support engineers through a support case.

They'd be happy to continue troubleshooting with you!