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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kimberely!

In audio, labeled graphic, process, and timeline blocks, you can record audio! Click the Record Audio microphone icon, then click Start Recording.

If you're a Mac user, Safari must be updated to the latest version for audio recording support. Alternately, use Google Chrome or Firefox when you need to record narration in Rise 360.

Michael Bauer

Unless I'm out of the loop here, I think the short is answer is "no" regarding auto-play and the user has to click the Play icon each time.

The long answer is "Yes" if create a Storyline block, throw an image on it so all the user sees in Rise is the image but ultimately it is a Storyline block with audio that auto-plays. Yes, you will need to do at least one for each screen ... so not only is it a long answer, it is a long and arduous task.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for clarifying, Kimberly! As Michael mentioned, users will need to click a play button for audio to play in Rise 360.

Web browsers are moving towards stricter auto-play policies in order to improve the user experience. We agree that requiring some kind of action from the user, such as clicking a button before playing audio, is the right approach to ensure a unified experience for all learners. To that end, we won’t be adding any auto-play features to Rise 360. However, we are looking at ways we may be able to provide narration features that don’t auto-play.

André Brettschneider

Thank you for this feedback. I get that the rules are getting more strict.

At the same time I cannot explain to our learners that the content we embedded would be somehow too unsafe for autoplay. In addition to that the "problem" is already there with the Storyline block.  

How can the community change your mind on that? :-) 

Michael Heeney

I agree with the above - it's absurd to not allow creators the choice to autoplay audio like in every other authoring tool. We can't include audio in our courses currently because it requires you to click on a tiny bar for every interaction which causes a horrible user experience for our clients. 

James Beil

Agreed!  Please make autoplay an option in Rise 360.  It is "clunky" and frustrating for learners to complete this manually.  I know it's just one click, but if they read the whole slide and they can't continue because they didn't press "play" on the recording at the top of the lesson, we have lost our credibility and their attention.

Linda Thomas

I'm evaluating the Articulate Suite and I have now ruled out Rise because of this issue.  I use audio to enhance my user's experience and add clarity to the content on the screen. Reading is just plain boring. But having users click to start audio disconnects the user from the content and makes for an inconvenient and frustrating experience.  I agree with everyone on this post. It should be up to the developer to decide to enable auto-play. 

Thomas Kauer

Yes, feels weird not to autoplay (or maybe autoplay on first entry and then make optional?)--would love to know the rationale as to why the industry is moving that way? I assume because of offensive content, maybe you don't want audio just blaring on randomly, or for accessibility reasons. Even if for this, I feel like within an online course...it feels strange to follow other web standards. Thanks--would love to see this feature added!

Amy Janczy

I would also like this added. My boss is a big fan of autoplay and I will probably need to go back to using Storyline for everything if I can't convince her otherwise.  

It is much slower to develop in Storyline so I'd prefer to use Rise.  As an alternative, could you please allow Rise projects to be brought into Storyline?  Then I could use the nice layout and built-in games. 

Multiplex Operational Learning

It's worth noting that if you have users who use screen readers, autoplaying audio and video often causes havoc with these (as they navigate by listening autoplay can interrupt the flow of the page unexpectedly). It's best practice to have video/audio activated/deactivated by an action (IE selecting a button) so the user is always in control regardless of any accessibility needs. Likewise if you have users with particular attention disorders.

Knowledge Central .

I have created a Storyline block, threw an image on it so all the user sees in RISE 360 is an image but ultimately it is the Storyline block with audio that auto-plays. However, the tricky thing is this...

I had a deck of Storyline that's with 30 slides and have divided them into blocks. Each "block" is about 2 to 8 slides from the actual Storyline deck. Before each "block" I've placed an image that lasts for 1 sec, and then it auto plays the audio/ animations.

It works well for some (plays image and auto-plays the audio+animation) but there are others which doesn't auto-plays the audio. I will need to click on the "play button" and audio will come out. 

I'm not using a different deck of Storyline but using the same deck, just that I've deleted those that I didn't want, to make up a "block".

What actually went wrong? Can anyone advise me?

Kjell Mathisen

I find Rise360 an amazing tool for deliver training content, however, some of the courses I would like to create need added voice and autoplay. I understand this can be done via a Storyline block but that is not really my option. I join the group that support autoplay option in R360, why not make it an clickable option like the one on images. For me this is the #1 in new features in R360, hopefully we will see it soon...oh yes I beleive in Santa Claus...still ;-)