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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kimberely!

In audio, labeled graphic, process, and timeline blocks, you can record audio! Click the Record Audio microphone icon, then click Start Recording.

If you're a Mac user, Safari must be updated to the latest version for audio recording support. Alternately, use Google Chrome or Firefox when you need to record narration in Rise 360.

Michael Bauer

Unless I'm out of the loop here, I think the short is answer is "no" regarding auto-play and the user has to click the Play icon each time.

The long answer is "Yes" if create a Storyline block, throw an image on it so all the user sees in Rise is the image but ultimately it is a Storyline block with audio that auto-plays. Yes, you will need to do at least one for each screen ... so not only is it a long answer, it is a long and arduous task.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for clarifying, Kimberly! As Michael mentioned, users will need to click a play button for audio to play in Rise 360.

Web browsers are moving towards stricter auto-play policies in order to improve the user experience. We agree that requiring some kind of action from the user, such as clicking a button before playing audio, is the right approach to ensure a unified experience for all learners. To that end, we won’t be adding any auto-play features to Rise 360. However, we are looking at ways we may be able to provide narration features that don’t auto-play.

André Brettschneider

Thank you for this feedback. I get that the rules are getting more strict.

At the same time I cannot explain to our learners that the content we embedded would be somehow too unsafe for autoplay. In addition to that the "problem" is already there with the Storyline block.  

How can the community change your mind on that? :-) 

James Beil

Agreed!  Please make autoplay an option in Rise 360.  It is "clunky" and frustrating for learners to complete this manually.  I know it's just one click, but if they read the whole slide and they can't continue because they didn't press "play" on the recording at the top of the lesson, we have lost our credibility and their attention.